Date Night Game

I was looking for a fun date night game idea we could do for our anniversary last Monday, but nothing was striking my fancy, so I decided to make one up!  This was SUPER fun and easy to put together.  I created a game board with my paper scraps and I love how it turned out!  

Each colored square represented a stop for our date, and each had a corresponding card of the same color with instructions of what we needed to do at that location.  D. had a lot of fun with this and was so surprised since he thought we were just going to dinner and then coming straight home.   Here's how we played the game:

I just picked places that were close by and that I knew would be fun to go to.  Here's what our evening looked like:

First Stop: HOME DEPOT - Game Piece

Task: Find something under $1 to represent you for the night.  This was fun because we had to actually have a reason behind what we got.

Second Stop: TARGET - Accessorize

Task: Find & purchase something to wear tonight.  D. got a fun watch and I got a bling bling necklace!

Third Stop: EURO BISTRO (quite possibly the BEST German food ever!) - Dinner 

Task: Eat delicious food

Fourth Stop: BEN & JERRY'S - Dessert

Task: Find an ice cream flavor to share.

Fifth Stop: BARNES & NOBLE - Game

Task: Purchase a game to play when we get home.  We love games!

To add another element of fun, we used scrabble tiles and picked letters before each stop.  Then we chose one of these three cards that told us whether we had to use both letters, either letter, or neither of the letters in our task for that location.  It was super fun to try to find something on the menu with both B & O in it...I know, great letter combination.  It was also fun to see D. try to justify what he was getting and how it went along with the letters even if it had nothing to do with them.

We had a great time!   Highly recommend this for a fun date!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like so much fun! I am pinning this to remember for a future date night. I will also definitely be mentioning this in an upcoming post about date nights.