Anniversary Treats on the Hour

Monday was the three year anniversary of when I married my best friend.
Love this guy!

We take turns planning our anniversary and this year it was my turn.  Because we are going on a Disney Cruise to Alaska at the beginning of June, we decided to do something low-key for our anniversary (although, I did plan a little surprise adventure for us while we're on our cruise...more about that later). 

So I went to the source of all craft/party knowledge and ideas, also known as Pinterest, to find some ideas of what we could do.  Since D. had to work, the first thing I did was inspired by this pin:

I Love You More Than... -- ok, this is an adorable vday/anniversary gift

I customized the cookie sayings to things that pertained to us (i.e. I love you more than...Little Man loves Goldfish.  And believe me...he DOES love his Goldfish!  So much that every time we pass them in Target he yells out "Goldfish!  Bite!")  Then I snuck these fun cookies to someone else who works in the same office and he surprised him with a "special delivery" at work.

Then, I wanted him to have something that would help him get through the work day, so this is what I did.  It started with the idea from this pin:

Anniversary on the Hour idea from @30daysblog.  Treat your loved one to a small gift throughout the day on every hour.

I knew D. was wishing he had the day off, so I surprised him in the morning with a bag full of presents to help him through the day.  I made a bunch of treats that I found on Pinterest and made him a card that looked like a giant cookie with the instructions.  Here's how it turned out:

I got these fun treat boxes at Michael's for a couple of dollars with my 40% off coupon.  Love it!

The boxes all looked the same, so I had to make sure before I wrapped them that I knew which ones had to be put in the fridge for the night before giving them to him the next morning.  It would probably be easier to assemble them in the morning if you do this, but D. goes to work SUPER early, so I didn't want to do it the same day. 

PowerPoint helped me make this.  Insert Shape (Circle), insert shape (little triangles), print.  Awesome.
He had so much fun opening a present every hour.  Who wouldn't love that?  Check out this blog post for the recipes to the treats I made.  They were all delicious!

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