General Conference Reading Chart {FREE Printable}

Spring brings several of my favorite things.  Flowers, warm weather, cherry blossoms in DC and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Annual General Conference (They have a semi-annual one in October as well, which is just as good!  Maybe that's why I love Fall too...)

President Monson Waving
During Conference we get to listen to the current Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, as well as other Apostles and leaders.

With two days of wonderful talks and a not so calm 3-yr-old and new baby, I don't always get to hear every word and am glad that they have the full talks that you can watch, listen to, or read available within days after the Conference.

This year we wanted to focus on studying these talks and so I made this Conference Reading Chart.  With just a talk or two each week, you can study all of the talks from April General Conference before the next Conference comes in October.

Feel free to download with the link above (or click on the picture below) and join with us!
*If the pictures look blurry when you click on it, don't worry! You can just download it and they will be nice and clear!*

We also printed off a few of these fun quotes from Conference (Thanks Deseret News!) to hang up to keep the talks in our minds (and faces) more readily!

Happy Studying! 



My Little Man just turned 3!  He LOVES airplanes right now, so we did an airplane themed birthday party.

Kudos to my awesome husband for making those AMAZING boarding pass invites!
We had some fun things for the kids to play with (and the adults too!) that were airplane themed.

The Airplane Factory had instructions on a few basic paper airplanes, plus some pre-packaged foam planes.

Just in case you need to go...

The Baggage Claim was where we put these fun gift bags for all his friends to take home! 

 Baggage Drop-Off for people to drop off their gifts.



Again...a shout out to my hubby who carves an awesome watermelon for Little Man's birthday every year.  Check out last year's shark!

Red, Yellow, and Blue Table D├ęcor!

Mini cakes for everyone!  Loves these cupcake holders from Pick Your Plum!


Blue, Blue, Blue!

One of my good friends, L. had a baby boy (who is ADORABLE, by the way) and she was crazy enough to let another friend and me know the gender of her baby before her to throw her a gender reveal party!  She is a stronger woman than me!  I for SURE couldn't wait to find out, but I'm so glad she did because this party was SO fun!  This is from quite awhile ago, but I thought the pictures were worth sharing!

The theme was "What Will It Bee?" with fun bees, honeycomb, etc. everywhere.  The genius behind the party was B. (Ha...I know...what will it bee, B.?) and she found this fun printable party decorations on Etsy, so it was easy peasy for us to have it look great!

The cake and cake balls were blue inside so we had to make sure nobody ate them before we opened "the box"

A "HE" or a "SHE"


My first attempt at an ombre cake!  Not too bad, if I do say so myself! 

Congrats, Days!!


Excuses, Excuses....

Well, hello there...

I've been absent from the blogging world for several months, but THIS time I have a great excuse.  The best excuse actually.  I'll let my little boy do the explaining.

Yep, that's right.  Baby #2 is on the way.  So if you have ever had terrible morning sickness WHILE taking care of a toddler, you will know why the blogging fell by the wayside. 
I will have some fun updates posted in the next few weeks! 
Stay tuned!


Milk Paint

Sometimes I have to be VERY creative to keep the attention of my 2-yr-old.

This is definitely not my original idea, but I didn't have a particular "recipe" that I followed, so we kind of put our own twist on it.

All you need is a little bit of milk, some food coloring and some cheap foam brushes (Michael's has them on sale this week for 25 for ONE dollar!...Yes, we stocked up).  

You also need your canvas of choice.  Today, ours was marshmallows.  I've seen people do it with bread (and then toast it!) or popcorn even.  Then you just let them create!

The finished product...