PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT- The Enveloper by Crafter's Companion

From time to time I like to try out a new crafting tool (as my budget allows) and sometimes I regret spending the money.  But THIS time was definitely not one of those times!  I love to make my own cards (see my set for sell on Etsy) but sometimes run into the problem of needing a custom sized envelope or worse yet...using a HUGE envelope (because it's what I had at the time) for a cute little card.  It just wasn't working out, so I basically stopped making cards for awhile.  Until I found The Enveloper!  It's from Crafter's Companion, USA and is AMAZING! 

It comes with a handy scoring tool and instructions.  You simply cut the paper to the size shown on the chart (included...and also available online), 4 little runs with the scoring tool, fold, glue & viola!  A custom size envelope to fit your custom size cards!  This same product also makes envelope boxes to fit cards that have embellishments on them.  So handy!  You also get a choice of 4 embossing designs  that are shown on the scoring board.  Great price, great fun, totally worth it!  I definitely recommend this!


Good News!

So, yesterday I sold my first item on Etsy!  Thanks Rebecca M.!  Today it was lovingly put in the mail on it's way to it's new home.  It was my "God Bless America" wooden block set.  Here are some pictures of it:

Now I just have to figure out what to put on my shelf now that it's gone...


Sneak Peak: First Items on Etsy!

Take a look at my Etsy shop!  I just posted 5 items, with many more to come!  Tell me what you think of them and I might give you a discount on your shipping...


Setting Up Shop

Welcome to Hopes & Seams: The Blog! 

I started this blog because I believe good ideas are worth sharing. Every day is full of new ideas and opportunities. Ever since my little boy arrived I've come to appreciate even more the "little things" whether it's a scribbled crayon drawing made by little hands or a bib that actually covers the clothes he's wearing or something placed on a shelf that simply brings a smile to all those that see it. 

My Etsy Shop is full of (well, WILL be full of) handmade gifts made from everyday items to bring a smile to those who receive them.  Visit my Etsy shop HERE.  I hope you enjoy looking around my shop!  We're still "Setting Up Shop" so please be patient as I upload my items/pictures!

If you have any ideas/custom orders, I would love to hear from you!  You can send me a message through my Etsy shop, leave a comment on this post or email me.

Make sure to check back every now and then for news, ideas, tutorials, give-aways and more!