Easy Crayon Valentine

This year I helped my Little Man make this simply adorable Valentine for my husband.  Originally he had just scribbled all over the paper (I made sure to only give him Valentine appropriate colors to somewhat control the outcome...) but then I got the idea to do crayon rubbings with cardboard hearts!  I was pretty happy with the results and it seriously took us about 5 minutes to do.  Want to see how we did it?  Here goes!

First you'll want to gather your supplies:
  • Paper
  • Crayons (or colored pencils)
  • Cardboard Hearts in Various Size

I just freehanded these hearts so they wouldn't be perfectly semetrical and add some "character."  This would work great with other shapes for different occassions too!  Be creative and experiement!  I just used an empty ziplock bag box I had just thrown in the recyle bin and cut these cuties out.  Use whatever you have on hand!  Cereal boxes would work great!

Then place the heart you want to use under the paper where you want it to show up.

 And start coloring over the area!  NOTE: It works out better if you hold down the heart a little bit with your other hand so it doesn't move.  I just couldn't do that AND take a picture, but I highly reccomend it or else you get some pretty interesting shapes that slightly resemble hearts...

 And Voila!  A beautiful heart! 
Add as many hearts as you want and make sure and sign that masterpeice!  My Little Man had a great time doing this and an even greater time giving it to Daddy!

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