I {heart} Breakfast

Sometimes I'm awesome at making fun food for my toddler.  Emphasis on the SOME in sometimes.

This is a quick and easy breakfast idea that you can do with any shape cookie cutter and simple ingredients!  Throw it together with some fresh fruit and you've got a delicious (and healthy!) meal.

Simply cut out (I use a cookie cutter) a shape out of a piece of bread and spray a small frying pan with some cooking spray.  On medium heat, let the pan heat up and then put the bread in the pan and crack an egg into the shape you cut out.  Sometimes I add a little cheese, salt & pepper to the egg too.  The possibilities are endless.

Cook until the egg is really done on that side and you can flip it over easily without the egg going everywhere.  Flip the egg/toast over and let it cook for a couple of minutes on that side.  You can also put the cutout bread in the pan to toast too (like our heart toast) and put your favorite topping on it.  My little man usually wants "Chocolate!" on his (Nutella).  A boy after my own heart.  No pun intended...


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