Things I've Tried

You know it's true.  You love Pinterest.  Or you haven't seen it yet, and you probably should stay away unless you want to get an endless supply of ideas and fun things to do, eat, play, craft and share.

I just wanted to point out that I have a board titled "Things I've Tried" where I try something from Pinterest, or something I thought up and then give a review on how it went.  Check it out!  I'm always adding more to it.

Here are some things I've tried... (click on each picture caption to see my review)

Pearly Bites  REVIEW: I used Nilla Wafers, Cream Cheese frosting and yogurt covered raisins.  These were a hit at my son's ocean themed birthday party.  We made around 50 of them and there were only 6 left when the party was over.  So fun and easy.
Pearly Clam Cookies

the BEST playdough recipe, hands down. and you make it with JELLO!  Awesome! REVIEW: this was really easy and fun to make.  It smells heavenly so the kids kept trying to eat it. Surprisingly easy to clean up too.  I had to add more flour to make it play dough consistency.
Jello Playdough

Toddler Tie Tutorial REVIEW: this is really easy and adorable. Make sure if you are using a pattern like plaid that the part of the pattern you want is on the front before cutting.  Check the angle of the lines too if you have stripes.
Toddler Necktie

Template for printing on Post-It notes. REVIEW: this was easy and saved a lot of time for a project. If you want to print out several sets though you might want to reprint the template for each set as the lines start to get a bit fuzzy after there is more than one set.
Sticky Note Printing Template

Cafe Rio Pico de Gallo - REVIEW: I could eat this with a spoon....okay, maybe I actually did. I didn't put in the jalepenos because I'm a wimp and it did need some salt (just sprinkled some over the top and it was great.  1/2 an onion is PLENTY (some recipes call for a whole one) and even though this says to use the juice from 1 lime, I felt like half a lime would have been sufficient.  Not as good the second day, so eat it all in one sitting.  Seriously.  It's that good.
Cafe Rio Pico de Gallo Recipe
Happy Pinning!

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