PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT- The Enveloper by Crafter's Companion

From time to time I like to try out a new crafting tool (as my budget allows) and sometimes I regret spending the money.  But THIS time was definitely not one of those times!  I love to make my own cards (see my set for sell on Etsy) but sometimes run into the problem of needing a custom sized envelope or worse yet...using a HUGE envelope (because it's what I had at the time) for a cute little card.  It just wasn't working out, so I basically stopped making cards for awhile.  Until I found The Enveloper!  It's from Crafter's Companion, USA and is AMAZING! 

It comes with a handy scoring tool and instructions.  You simply cut the paper to the size shown on the chart (included...and also available online), 4 little runs with the scoring tool, fold, glue & viola!  A custom size envelope to fit your custom size cards!  This same product also makes envelope boxes to fit cards that have embellishments on them.  So handy!  You also get a choice of 4 embossing designs  that are shown on the scoring board.  Great price, great fun, totally worth it!  I definitely recommend this!

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